What is RentMyCloset?

RentMyCloset is a fashion startup that brings your closet and sense of style into the sharing economy! Founded by 2 UT Austin business students, RentMyCloset wants to let you share your fashion with the world, and finally be able to dress the way you want, without going into crippling debt. List outfits from your own closet and monetize your own style, or rent out from others around you and across the nation, at a fraction of the retail cost.

What do you get out of it?

  1.  Save money when renting 
  2. Make money when listing 
  3. Share fashion with experts around you and receive feedback 

Connect with the world around you!

Fashion is a hugely collaborative and community oriented interest. Hence, why we want to let you share it with the world. Whether you're showing off your great sense of style, or simply getting inspiration - connecting with the community nearby, or hundreds of miles away, is the best way to get involved and make the progress you want.

On demand and liability free!

Rent each outfit for only as long as you need it. No subscriptions or hidden fees, just great fashion on-demand.
We handle everything like insurance, cleaning, logistics, etc. so you can sit back and relax. Rest assured your closet is in safe hands, just post and get paid.