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What is RentMyCloset?

Essentially, we're Airbnb for clothing. We're putting an end to the quiet regret of buying an outfit, only for it to gather dust in your closet. No longer do you have to suffer buying a killer outfit, keep the tags on while wearing it, and returning it once your event is over.

Is this a subscription?

Absolutely not - we wouldn't dare. Everything about RentMyCloset is on-demand and designed around your busy lifestyle. Each rental is for only as long as you need it - nothing more, nothing less.

Can I trust you guys?

We would hope so, but in case you don't, we provide insurance for all outfits listed on our platform. We also handle all cleaning and fulfillment. If after all that you still don't trust us, you can reach out at any time, just email:

The more you share, the bigger your closet...

so help us on our quest for world domination