Who handles the cleaning?

Renters are responsible for returning your item in the same condition they received it in. The item may not need dry cleaning after every rental. However, RentMyCloset handles the dry cleaning for outfits priced above $45, otherwise, cleaning is incumbent on the lister.

Listers are responsible for keeping their items in good, rentable condition outside of what we take care of.

What happens if something is damaged or stained?

If anything happens to your item, the renter will be liable for a return deposit or insurance  payment up to 50% of the item's estimated retail value.

All damage and other issues must be reported to us within 3 days of the rental return date to be eligible for coverage.

Renting out your closet with us should be fun and stress-free, and we do everything in our power to make it that way!

What happens when someone rents my outfit?

Once someone rents your outfit, we'll notify you either via text or email with the name of the renter and relevant information about the rental. If the rental occurs within your city, we will also message you to schedule when to pick up the outfit for delivery, or if the renter is not in your city, then we will arrange the shipping! Once the outfit is picked up, you can sit back and get paid while we do the work.



Is there a try on window?


If you choose to rent an outfit, you’ll have 24  hours to contact us to have the outfit picked up if it doesn't fit OR pay and finalize the reservation.

When you know you want to rent, don’t wait to reserve the item. Until it’s paid for and reserved, other renters can still reserve it for the same dates.

Do I have to clean the outfit?


All cleaning and dry cleaning is handled by either our team or the owner of the outfit. You don't have to worry about it!

What if I stain or damage my outfit?

We get it, accidents happen. Most stains can be taken care of via washing or just dry cleaning, which is typically handled by our team or the owner of the outfit, so no worries there.

However, significant damage and theft aren’t covered. If the item is damaged beyond repair or never returned, we will charge you for the retail price of the item as determined by our team and insurance policy.

If something happens during a rental, please report the damage to us immediately. Make sure to inspect the item closely before returning it to the owner, and report any damage you find here.

How do I cancel a rental?

Hopefully you don't. But in the event that you need to cancel your rental, just contact our team here within 24 hours of your rental!

Can I buy the clothing I've rented?

Not yet! We do plan to roll out a rent to own program in the future, but for now, all outfits are only available for rent.